Bridged Analytics can create LEDES 1998B compliant legal invoices directly from your QuickBooks™ invoices.

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Whether you have a handful of invoices requiring the LEDES 1998B format or hundreds each day, our Medusa QB application can make the process a snap, and allow you to continue to use QuickBooks instead of being forced to purchase and change to another (probably much more expense) system.

Medusa QB creates LEDES 1998B compliant legal invoices directly from your QuickBooks Invoices. The following is a screenshot of the program.

And the preview screen of the generated LEDES file would look similar to this (shown in a spreadsheet format that is built into Medusa QB with editing capabilties).

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Bridged Analytics is a former member of the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC)
and is compliant with the following systems (and any LEDES 1998B compatible system)...