Legal E-Billing (QuickBooks LEDES 1998B & LEDES2000 Conversion)

Bridged Analytics is proud to offer to small and medium sized law firms the Medusa QB QuickBooks to LEDES conversion utility. This simple stand-alone product works with your existing QuickBooks invoices to automatically create LEDES 1998B & LEDES 2000 compliant invoice files. The Medusa QB program will also produce invoices in the ESIS / Advocator format. Please click here or on the image below for more information and on how to get a FREE trial of Medusa QB.


Transforming Chaos into Clarity

At Bridged Analytics, we reduce the overhead of our clients by identifying data communication needs and inefficiencies. We will streamline your processes, resulting in significantly reduced man hours. Through our exclusive technology and our personalized consulting, manual data management will be automated; systems that previously were unable to communicate data and processes will now communicate smoothly. Bridged Analytics and Medusa technology increases your data accuracy and availability while lowering your costs.