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After using your free trial and you are ready to purchase, please select your desired pricing option below and click its Buy Now link (all settings from the trial will carry over to the purchased version). Once purchased you will be given download access to the full version of the software.

You may also call (801) 484-0974 with any questions or to order over the phone via credit card.

$299 - Medusa software Including Initial Setup Support (up to three hours) | Buy Now for $299

$498 - Medusa software Including Two Years of Unlimited Support | Buy Now for $498

$398 - Medusa software Including One Year of Unlimited Support | Buy Now for $398

$199 - Medusa software Unsupported (not available if assistance was used during trial) | Buy Now for $199

* After purchasing (on the receipt page), please click "Continue to Medusa" for Activation/Download information. Or call 877-569-3282 with any questions.

Support Pricing

$299 - Two Years of Unlimited Support | Buy Now

$199 - One Year of Unlimited Support | Buy Now

$79 - One Hour of Support | Buy Now

$59 - Single Support Incident up to a half hour | Buy Now

Pricing Details

We have several pricing options to choose from which deal with different ways of getting Medusa and QuickBooks configured. For whichever option, the free demo version of Medusa contains everything necessary for you (included in the User Manual) to get your system set up to produce LEDES 1998B Invoices (as well as LEDES 2000 / ESIS - Advocator) directly from your QuickBooks Invoices, and with it you will have a full 30 days to get it working before any payment would be necessary to continue using it.

Whatever option you choose, all configuration settings will carry over when going from the trial version to the purchased version.

One/Two Year Supported Options:

This includes all the assistance needed to help you complete the inital setup of Medusa along with any needed modifications in QuickBooks and ongoing/unlimited support for additional needs such as adding new clients & making any necessary changes or fixes.

Support is typically done via remote desktop session.

Bridged Analytics has assisted with the setup of many clients and has considerable expertise getting both Medusa and QuickBooks exactly where they need to be for the process to work effortlessly.

Initial Setup Support Only Option:

Same as option above except support lasts only during initial configuration. Additional support may be purchased after this if necessary.

Unsupported Option: All Configuration will be done by the end user

This is our most economical option and is ideal for those users that are willing to read through the User Manual (under the Help Menu) and are familiar with making changes to QuickBooks (i.e. Custom Fields, Items, Classes, Templates, etc.).

This may also be a good place to start and if you get stuck you can add one of the supported plans. And or course with the free trial you will have 30 days to get it fully configured without spending any money and that will give you some idea if you will need to purchase one of the supported options or add support after the initial purchase.

  • Normal support hours are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Mountain Time although emails may be sent at any time.

References & Testimonials
A number of our clients have been happy in the past to give their recommendation. Please just let us know and we can make their contact information available to you.

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