Bridged Analytics can create LEDES 98B compliant legal invoices directly from your QuickBooks® invoices.

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Whether you have a handful or hundreds of invoices requiring the LEDES (1998B, 2000, XML 2.0, XML 2.1 & XML 2.2), Medusa can make the process a snap, and allow you to continue to use QuickBooks instead of being forced to purchase and change to another (probably much more expense) system.

  • Create LEDES compliant files from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Formats include:
    • LEDES 98B
    • LEDES 98BI (International)
    • LEDES 2000
    • LEDES XML 2.0
    • LEDES XML 2.1
    • LEDES XML 2.2

  • Customizable.
    • Map QuickBooks Custom Fields to LEDES file columns as required.
    • Set up different profiles for different clients based on each client's specific needs.
    • Create one LEDES file per invoice or batch multiple invoices into one file.
    • Include/exclude specific invoices from generating LEDES files (exclude any "non-LEDES" customers you may have) depending on whatever criteria you desire.

  • Compliant with all web based systems that accept the LEDES format such as the following networks (not limited to):

The Medusa to LEDES converter is straightforward & extremely simple to use. LEDES files are created with a click of a button.

Once the output file is generated, a preview screen like this will display with all your required data from QuickBooks automatically organized in columns as specified in the official LEDES format.

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Bridged Analytics was a member of the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC)
and is compliant with the following systems (and any LEDES 1998B compatible system)...

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